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Getting Started Guide

Index Investing and Financial Independence for Expats

"Investing is simple but not easy" - Warren Buffett

This guide is designed to make investing easy. It is designed to help complete beginners make sense of the necessary terminology and concepts to successfully use index investing to build financial security and freedom in their lives. 

Building on the knowledge and experience acquired over the years by SimplyFI board members, we have decided to summarize what we know in a single document. We hope this will help you take better control of your finances, avoid the most common mistakes and take you forward on your path to financial independence.

Getting Started Guide: About

As with everything we do, this guide has been developed by our team of volunteers to serve the community. And thanks to that, you can get the guide for free.

However, we still ask something of you in exchange for the guide. What we ask is that you Pay It Forward.

What we're asking is nothing compared to the value in this guide. Here is what we want:

If you download this guide, please share it with at least 3 friends or colleagues. This simple knowledge will change their lives as much as it will change (or has already changed) yours.

Here is an example of a message you can use to introduce this guide and the SimplyFI community to your friends and colleagues:



I hope you are well. I recently came across a really cool document that has helped me better understand how to take control of my finances and prepare for retirement. I thought you would find it useful as well. 

It's been developed by the volunteers of SimplyFI who simply want to help us better manage our money. Have a look when you get the chance!

You can get it here:

All the best,



SimplyFI Getting Started Guide

Download it here!

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