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SimplyFI FAQ

We asked you our members to tell us what FAQs you would like answers to. Here it is! If you have any additional questions you would like added, drop us a line on our Facebook group.

Creating your Investment Plan the Bogleheads Way

For Starting Investors

Here are the slides and workshop materials from our Bogleheads Investing workshop. This has been designed to support expats who are just starting out but who are sure that they want to invest passively, like a Boglehead. 

The materials have been uploaded and shared publicly for those who cannot attend a face to face workshop or want to know more before committing. 

We do strongly recommend, that as per the Bogleheads approach, that you do the following before starting to formulate your investment plan:

a) have no high interest debt 

b) you have set up emergency fund of at least 3 months

c) are able to save regularly

We have made the documents under "4) Workshop materials" available for download. 

Please find the links attached below:

1) Bogleheads Welcome Pack

2)a) Supporting Welcome Pack documentation

2)b) Glide Path Guidance - Safe Withdrawal Strategy for Advanced Investors

3) Workshop slides

4) Workshop materials:

a) Example Stock ETF

b) Example Bond ETF

c) Your Investment Plan template

How the Bogleheads Philosophy insulates from behavioural investing biases and errors

People have been asking how they can protect themselves from the next market crash. 

The short answer is: stick to the plan! Stay the course!

But if you want to know more, please check out the link below. We explain in simple terms how many of the behavioural investing biases are prevented by sticking to the plan. 

Here are the slides!

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